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  • Ben Huff

When BGEs attack

Sometimes when you least expect it the utility company decides it's your lucky day :D

And they're going to make a mess in your house. They seem to think it's imperative that you have a new gas meter, right now. I'm convinced this only happens to people who have nice finished basements with carpet, maybe a den or a bedroom right next to their gas meter.

Anyways... James in bmore had a gas meter attack and apparently they thought they needed a lot of room to work. So they cut a huge hole out of his wall, did their job, and left another, new job. Nice, right?

Well, in a moment of sheer genius, he emailed us a few photos , and we got to work on his wall. Here are a few photos of the repair with the neat new drywall edge trim, before painting so you can see the patch.

There were also a couple oddball access holes above and to the left of this patch so we filled them all at the same time...

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