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  • Ben Huff

Do you hear what I hear?

The sounds of water are some of the most relaxing sounds on earth, used for relaxation, meditation, sleeping better. 

Ocean surf sounds...

a babbling brook...

the calm trickle of a little rock fountain...

In your walls.


They told me this was so subtle that you could only hear the tiniest hiss if you sat quietly in the room. So soothing.

When they felt the carpet, half the room was soaked! Who knows how long it had been. Probably, hopefully, less than a week. 

Plumbers came and in their infinite wisdom they took out the baseboard going eighteen feet down the left wall. We found out later it was a type of moulding that isn't available these days! Plumbers are great with pipes >:I

Deep cleansing breaths.

Had to customize a piece to match. This caused a little delay, but we were out of there and after our second trip it was time for carpet cleaners and paint! 

And you can't tell the moulding has ever been touched :)

Peace and quiet now...

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